Neptune Lander

We are pleased to learn that a Commodore 64 game for which we were commissioned to do the music and sound effects won the Freeze64 Game of the Year 2020 award.

Neptune Lander Elite Review for the Commodore 64 by John Gage - YouTube

It has been a pleasure to work with Mark Shephard a.k.a. Mark64, the guy behind this cool game and we look forward to other similar ventures with him.

The game can be downloaded at … be generous and support him!

Freedom Fighter

Freedom Fighter is an MSX vertical super-smooth scrolling shoot’em up game, and Phaze101 were commissioned to do the music and sound effects for the game. It has been a pleasure working with the creator, Pintus Giuseppe Ettore also known as “TheGeps”.

You can play this game emulated using a browser by going to this link … be sure to click on the unmute icon.

Or if you have an android mobile you can download the game as an app by clicking on this link.

We have also compiled the music in a playlist on our YouTube channel.

Flangry Bird

We released a cute little game for the Commodore 64! It is a Flappy Bird clone and was done in a few weeks as part of the monthly Retro Programmers Inside group challenge. Code, graphics and music by Phaze101.

You can download the game to play it on your C64 from

Or you can play it online from your PC using a browser from

You can watch the gameplay video below too … enjoy!

Mario’s Cement Factory

Phaze101 was commissioned to do the music for a port of the Game & Watch Mario’s Cement Factory onto the Commodore C64. This is a game done by Hayesmaker64 that can be downloaded for free from here. Hayesmaker did a really good job and we are proud to have been involved in this project!

The title track uses 3 channels while the two game tunes are 2 channels to leave one free channel for sound effects. The bonus music can only be heard if you manage to get 300 points without losing a life. You can listen to the music by clicking on the below links. Enjoy.


HydroSwing was composed in 2019 specifically for an HTML 5 game that could be played on a PC or on a mobile device. The game won a national game competition held in the same year to promote the conservation of water.